12 Different ways of cooking

The objective of cooking food is to make it pleasing to the eye and receptive to the palate in order to help stimulate the digestive juices, thereby creating an appetite.

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How to make Pap. Breakfast meal -baby food

Pap is a light dish loved by all age groups and the go-to food for a number of occasions. It it can be enjoyed by babies (more than 6 months old) as well as adults.

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How to Wash Bitter Leaves

Bitter leaves are a unique type of vegetable. They are bitter in taste, healthy, and are used in a variety of dishes as well as a lot of home remedies.

How to prepare Edikang Inkong - Nigerian Dish

Edikan Inkong is a thick, tasty and healthy meal made from a generous amount of vegetables, usually Ugwu (fluted pumpkin leaves), water leaves, palm oil and an assortment of meat and fish.

How to prepare moi-moi - Bean pudding - Nigerian side dish.

Moi -Moi, known in English as bean pudding is a popular Nigerian side dish and snack. It can be eaten on it's own or served as an accompaniment with various foods such as rice, pap, oats etc.

How to prepare Nigerian Jollof rice

Jollof rice is undoubtedly Nigeria's most popular rice recipe. It's popular both at home and in parties. It's not only delicious but quick and easy to prepare.

How to Prepare Fried Rice (Nigerian Style)

Fried rice is one of Nigeria's most popular rice recipes. It's a delicacy often enjoyed both at home and at parties.

How To Prepare Coconut Rice

Coconut rice is a kind of rice made almost entirely from rice and coconut milk. It is soft, milky(both in colour and taste), yummy and loved by both kids and adults.

How To Make Chin Chin

Chin chin is a type of Nigerian snack that is sweet, munchy and crunchy. It's the perfect snack for your kids at home or at school. Your go to snack at work or while chilling with Friends.

How To Prepare Pepper Soup

Pepper soup is one of Nigerian national dishes and has varieties depending on the region and homes you visit. Some people prepare pepper soup with scent leaves and fresh pepper, others do not.

How To Prepare Egusi Soup

Egusi soup is a tasty meal made from dry Melon seeds. It has its origin among The Yorubas of south-western Nigeria. Today, it is considered a national delicacy prepared throughout the country and beyond.

How To Prepare Okra Soup

Okra soup is a delicious meal made from grated or sliced okra sticks. It is closely related to ogbono soup in texture, but different in taste. Hearing people say okra soup is their favourite is not uncommon. It’s so easy and quick to prepare.

How To Prepare Beans in Three Different Ways (Plain, Stewed and Beans Soup

Here are three different ways to prepare beans that you can try today.

How To Prepare Ogbono Soup

Ogbono Soup is made from dry ogbolo seeds ( African Bush Mango seeds), It has its origin among the Igbos of South-eastern Nigeria.