How to prepare moi-moi - Bean pudding - Nigerian side dish.

Moi -Moi, known in English as bean pudding is a popular Nigerian side dish and snack. It can be eaten on it's own or served as an accompaniment with various foods such as rice, pap, oats etc.

What is moi-moi, or moin moin?

Moi -Moi, known in English as bean pudding is a popular Nigerian side dish and snack.

It can be eaten on it's own or served as an accompaniment with various foods such as rice, pap, oats etc.

Preparation time

Cooking time- 50 minutes to an hour

Serves- 5 to 6


  • Beans. 3 cups
  • Fresh pepper. 4 (blended)
  • Onions. 1 (blended)
  • Vegetable oil
  • Warm water
  • 1 or two small stock cubes
  • Salt

Optional ingredients

  • Tomato. 1 (blended)
  • Nutmeg (ground)

Ingredients for filling

Moi-Moi can be filled with any food of choice but the common ones are:

Anyone of:

  1. Boiled eggs
  2. Large dried prawns
  3. Smoked fish(cut into small pieces)
  4. Minced meat (canned or fresh)


These ingredients add class and spice to this dish but they are not required for basic moi -moi.

Containers for cooking

Anyone of:

  1. Aluminum cups/bowls
  2. Plastic cups/bowls
  3. Plastic bags
  4. Plantain or banana leaves


  1. Wash and soak the beans overnight or for this length of time.

  2. Remove all peels and blend until smooth. If you soak the beans Long enough, the peels come off easily.

  3. Pour the bean puree into a large bowl and add all ingredients except the filling. Ingredients to add blended tomato, pepper and onions. Nutmeg, cooking oil, salt and stock cube.

  4. Slowly add warm water to the mix and stir until all the ingredients mixes properly.


    • The moi-moi texture you want to achieve is one where the mixture is neither too thick nor too light.
    • If you don't have warm water, it's okay to use cool water, especially if the Moi-Moi quantity is not much.
    • Do not use hot water as it will cause the paste to become lumpy.
  5. Serve small quantity of Moi-Moi paste into any container of your choice. Repeat this process until all the moi moi has been served.


    • If you are not used to cooking with leaves, it's best to use aluminum or plastic cups. Once leaves are not folded properly, they can unravel.
  6. Into every container of moi moi, add the filling of your choice. (boiled egg, fish etc) If you are using minced meat, season and cook them before adding to your moi-moi.

Cooking directions

  1. Pour some water in a large pot, and place the cups of moi-moi. Don't put too much water in the pot, so it does not boil over into the moi-moi when cooking.
  2. Cover the pot and cook for an hour. While your moi -moi is cooking, open the pot every 10 to 15 minutes and add little quantity of water whenever you notice the water is drying out. This will prevent the Moi-Moi from getting burned.
  3. Taste to see if your moi-moi is fully cooked. To confirm if your moi moi is ready, either cut out a piece and taste or pierce the inside with a dry object. If it comes out clean, it's properly cooked.
  4. Continue cooking for a few more minutes if it's not properly cooked and take off the fire if and when they are.

Your moi moi is ready.


Serve and enjoy with Fried rice, Jollof rice, Pap, Custard, Oats or simply enjoy on it's own.


  • Before you start cooking, taste the moi moi to be sure there is nothing else you are missing. Once you start cooking you cannot add anything else.
  • If you are using plastic bags, double and tie them well. This will prevent water from getting inside if one of the bags has a hole you didn't see.
  • When using any container that is plastic, top up the water in the cooking pot frequently.
  • If the water gets too low, there is a risk of the containers getting burnt.
  • Avoid using banana or plantain leaves to cook if you are not confident you know how to use them. They can unravel quickly and spoil your efforts if they are not well folded. If you feel you know how to but still have some doubts, then tie each of them with a small rope after folding. It will help keep them together.

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